Terms and Conditions

  • Prompt payment of installments on due dates as per payment schedule is the essence of this contract. In case of lump sum payment, discount will be given as per policy.
  • Quarterly installments will be paid as per payment schedule through challan form / cheque / demand draft / pay order in favour of DHA Gujranwala. In case of delay, a surcharge will be imposed.
  • In case of corner plot, facing park, and main boulevards, additional charges will be applied.
  • If the member fails to pay TWO CONSECUTIVE INSTALLMENTS within the prescribed period, the booking is liable to be cancelled. The amount deposited by the member will be refunded after necessary deduction as per policy.
  • The member will pay all taxes and other charges levied by federal or provincial Govt, local bodies and municipal bodies or any other authority, including those existing at present and those, which may be levied by the above mentioned, and / or other authorities in future.
  • DHA reserve the right to alter the allotment or make adjustment, relocation of plot, if the need so arises. In view of escalation / other essential reasons, additional development charges may be imposed if necessary and the same will not be challenged at any forum.
  • Formal allotment letter will be issued after payment of development charges / miscellaneous charges.
  • The member will abide by all existing rules, regulations, requirements, etc or any other conditions that may be prescribed by the authority from time to time.
  • The Management of DHA Gujranwala reserves the right to allot / sell a plot surrendered by a member (cancelled due to non-payment of dues) to any other applicant or person and the ex-allottee shall have no right to such a plot. The decision of the Management shall not be challenged before any forum.
  • In case of excess land in any plot, excess land charges shall be paid by the member at the time of possession.
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