Following are the procedures divided for various categories regarding their respective legal requirements Please select your required category for further information.

The first step of transfer of plot / property is to obtain NDC. In order to obtain NDC the member / allottee / owner of the plot has to apply through DHA authorized Dealer. NDC can also be applied on behalf of seller by the authorized Dealer without the signature of seller. The seller will sign the NDC on the day of transfer of plot file/ property. NDC shall be prepared after endorsement by Record Branch, Legal Branch, Land Branch, Finance Branch and finally by Director Transfer & Record. Finance Branch will prepare the NDC after clearance of all the dues required to be paid by the seller / buyer including transfer fee before the time of execution of transfer. Two working days are required for clearance of NDC. The specimen can be downloaded by clicking here.

Application for issuance of allotment letter can be downloaded by clicking here.

Death is a bitter and hard fact of life. In case of death of a member of DHA Gujranwala, transfer of his / her property will be carried out in accordance with the Islamic Law of Inheritance for Muslim members and respective laws of inheritance for other religions. Transfer in the name of Legal Heirs is carried out by Record Office as per procedure given in succeeding paragraphs. However, Transfer Officers and their staff (Transfer Office Gujranwala and Sub Transfer Offices) must be conversant with the procedure to brief / guide our worthy members accordingly.

Documents Required
  • Application from the legal heirs (Forwarding Letter) to the effect that the property in question may be transferred in their names and requisite documents are attached (Specimen can be downloaded by clicking here. )
  • Declaratory Decree / Succession Certificate from the civil court.
  • Affidavit by the legal heirs that they are the sole legal heirs of deceased (Specimen can be downloaded by clicking here. )
  • Copy of Death Certificate of deceased.
  • Advertisement in two newspapers (Urdu & English) regarding death of the owner / member with a photograph (Specimen can be downloaded by clicking here. )
  • Two latest photographs of each Legal Heir.
  • 1 x photocopy of valid CNIC of each Legal Heir (Form B of NADRA be attached for minors along with guardian certificate).
  • 1x family registration certificate.(FRC from NADRA)
  • 1 x photocopy of CNIC of deceased.
  • Letter of Administration from the Court, in case of dispute.
  • In case of more than one Legal Heirs, a consent letter from all the co-sharers will be attached, indicating / mentioning the address on which the correspondence is to be made.
  • Original Intimation / Transfer Intimation or Allocation / Transfer Allocation Letter will be surrendered to DHA. In case the original document is not available due to loss, etcetera, the procedure for issuance of duplicate documents will be followed.
  • Registration / membership form.
  • Paid challan of transfer fee and registration / membership fee.

Attestation of Affidavits
  • Affidavit executed within Gujranwala be got attested by Oath Commissioner / Notary Public / Nazim concerned.
  • Affidavit executed outside Gujranwala (within Pakistan) be got attested by 1st Class Magistrate / Nazim concerned.
  • Affidavits executed outside Pakistan be got attested from authorized officer of Pakistan High Commission / Embassy.

  • Legal heirs will get Death Certificate from concerned department and then apply for Declaratory Decree / Succession Certificate from local civil court.
  • The court issues orders to publish the case in newspapers to the effect that, is there any other claimant of property of deceased or otherwise? If no one appears before the court after publication in newspapers, the Declaratory Decree / Succession Certificate are issued to the applicants. If someone appears before the court as legal heir of deceased then the court decides the matter after evidence.
  • A widow can obtain the Declaratory Decree / Succession Certificate by filing an application in competent court. In case the deceased has left minor children, the widow can file application as their guardian.
  • Then, the legal heirs or any one of them, will report to Record Office and apply for the transfer. Record Officer / Superintendent Record will hand over the list of documents required for transfer and brief the applicants accordingly.
  • The completed documents may be submitted to DHA by post or by hand through any one of the heirs (for heirs outside Gujranwala only). For heirs residing within Gujranwala District, documents be submitted personally by any one of the heirs.
  • On receipt of requisite documents, Record Officer / Superintendent Record would scrutinize the papers. In case of any query / clarification, the senior legal heir or any one of the legal heirs may be called for interview in DHA Gujranwala.
  • Declaratory Decree / Succession Certificate will be sent to Legal Branch for verification on their end.
  • On verification of Declaratory Decree / Succession Certificate and having fulfilled all pre requisites / formalities transfer of property will be carried out in the name of legal heirs.
  • For receipt of Allocation Letter, presence of 50% of legal heirs is mandatory.

After clearance of NDC, the member (allottee / transferor) desiring to transfer his/ her plot or part thereof or his/ her share in DHA, shall have to personally appear in DHA office along with DHA authorized dealer before Director Transfer and Records or any officer authorized on his behalf, and present following documents: -
  • A letter / application addressed to secretary DHA requesting for transfer of allotment of his / her plot or any part thereof or his/ her share in DHA.
  • Original allotment / transfer / allocation or intimation letter shall be submitted for relinquishment and cancellation so that new letter be issued in the name of transferee.
  • An affidavit by the seller Rs. 200/- non-judicial stamp paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner regarding transfer of plot.
  • An undertaking by the purchaser on Rs. 50/- non-judicial stamp paper to abide by the By Laws of DHA.
  • Membership Form by the Buyer duly completed, affixed with two passport size photographs, along with deposit slip of membership fee.
  • Photocopy of CNIC, both of transferee and transferor.
  • An undertaking by the representative of purchaser (In case purchaser not present at station/ out of country).
  • No Demand Certificate, site plan and possession letters shall be obtained by the transferor before transfer.
  • Completion certificate in case of constructed properties.
  • Clearance from Cantt Board regarding TIP/ Property Tax/ House Tax.
  • In case of mortgaged property, redemption deed, cancellation of General Power of Attorney, bank clearance letter, and original permission to mortgage issued by DHA.
  • In case of court case, certified copy of court orders regarding dismissal of the suit / vacation of stay.
  • In case of guardians, original copy of guardianship certificate, certified copy of permission to sell the property and approved draft of sale document by the guardian judge.

Note : The cutting and over-writing in the contents or documents will not be accepted. Partially handwritten/ typed papers will not be accepted.

Seller / Purchaser along with DHA Authorized Property Dealer will personally appear before the transfer officer. Three signatures be affixed on the application / forwarding letter submitted by the seller and will sign Affidavit. He will sign and put his thumb impression on transfer register in front of transfer officer. Purchaser will sign and put his thumb impression on transfer register and on undertaking submitted by the purchaser. Finally they both (Seller and Purchaser) along with Authorized Property Dealer are photographed and purchaser will affix finger print in biometric system and on picture print for record / future verification.

Although in case of Muslims, Hiba of an immovable property can be executed as an Oral Gift Deed, somehow, it is not recommended to make oral gift of immovable property as it may become difficult to prove an oral gift. Lately, in Pakistan, Hiba is essentially required to be made in writing. Once a gift deed is executed it must be affixed with appropriate stamp paper and it must be registered. Hiba (Oral Gift) in case of Muslims takes effect if all three of the under mentioned conditions are satisfied:-

  • Declaration of gift by the Donor.
  • Acceptance of the gift by the Donee during the lifetime of the Donor.
  • Transfer of possession of the subject property by the Donor to the Donee.
Documents Required
  • Application (Forwarding Letter) signed by the owner (donor) with additional three signatures for signing in the presence of DHA Transfer Officer (Specimen can be downloaded by clicking here. )
  • An affidavit on non - judicial stamp paper worth Rs 200/ by the owner / donor (Specimen can be downloaded by clicking here. )
  • Undertaking by the donee to abide by DHA rules on non - judicial stamp paper worth Rs 50/ (Specimen can be downloaded by clicking here. )
  • Acceptance by the donee (Specimen can be downloaded by clicking here. )
  • 1x photocopy of CNIC of each i.e. donor & donee.
  • Two photographs of the donee.
  • Original Intimation / Transfer Intimation or Allocation / Transfer Allocation Letter will be surrendered to DHA. In case the original document is not available due to loss, etcetera, the procedure for issuance of duplicate documents will be followed.

Procedure of transfer in case of Hiba Zabani Bila Ewaz is similar to a normal transfer.

As a strict policy matter, the transferor (seller) will have to be personally present at the time of transfer of his / her plot file / property. However, a member living abroad and desiring to transfer his / her plot file can be allowed to nominate some person as general attorney. Procedure given below will be followed in that case:-

  • Representative of member will get specimen of general power of attorney (GPA) from Transfer Desk of DHA Gujranwala office or download from the DHA website and send the same to member concerned through mail / e-mail / fax (for specimen, click here. )
  • The member, after filling up requisite particulars in the specimen will report to Pakistan Embassy / High Commission and appear before the Officer authorized to attest such documents.
  • Pakistan Embassy / High Commission will send the power of attorney to the camp office of foreign affairs (Islamabad / Lahore........).
  • The document (general power of attorney) having been collected from camp office, personally by the attorney himself / herself, will be taken to the Registrar / Sub Registrar of local court / area for registration.
  • Registrar / Sub Registrar may send the documents through their own channel to foreign affairs office for verification.
  • After verification, the general power of attorney will be registered with Registrar / Sub Registrar of local court / area and finally handed over to the attorney.
  • The attorney will submit the GPA with transfer branch DHA main office for verification through DHA Legal Branch.

The general power of attorney holder will then represent the seller i.e. the member living abroad, and remaining transfer procedure will be the same as per routine transfer. General power of attorney holder must cater for the validity of the attestation of general power of attorney by Pakistan Embassy / High Commission, which may be 120 days or so.

Note:- A sample specimen of GPA is also shown here for reference/ guidance.

Any member(s) desiring to transfer his/ her plot, if suffering from a disease or physical disability and not allowed by the Doctor to move out, shall make an application to the Secretary requesting for the transfer of his/ her plot along with a certificate issued by the Doctor. On receipt of such application, Secretary/ Director Transfer & Record may allow the execution and completion of documents described above in the manner he deems fit. The expenses for travelling of representative from DHA Office to the residence of member and back and the charges endorsed by DHA shall be borne by the transferor or transferee.

Any member owning a plot in the DHA and desiring to transfer his/ her plot, if placed under a legal restraint or confined in jail for a long period, may apply to the Secretary for transfer of his/ her plot. On receipt of such application, the Secretary may, if satisfied with the contention, allow the submission and transmission of documents through the Superintendent Jail or the Officer in whose custody the transferor happens to be. The officer who shall issue a certificate for transmission of transfer documents to his office under his signatures and office seal, the transfer affidavit shall also be attested by the said office.

Urgent transfer can be carried out within one day if seller or buyer agrees to make the payment of Rs. 34,000/- for all fully paid plot files and Rs. 15000/-for installment files as urgent transfer fee, however it shall not be applicable on constructed buildings. The NDC along with all transfer documents and paid challan forms etc, must be applied before 1200 hrs.

After approval of the transfer / allotment, the transfer letter shall be issued in the name of purchaser after 7x working days of submission of the transfer documents in the DHA main office. Transfer letter shall be handed over to the owner/ purchaser after obtaining his signatures with full particulars on the office copy of the transfer letter. In case the letter is handed over in any of the sub transfer office the SOP forwarded by DHA main office will be followed. The owner/ purchaser will bring along his original ID Card and receipt.

Urgent transfer letter will be issued on same day to the buyer if he or she agrees to make the payment of Rs. 5,000/- as urgent transfer letter fee.

Urgent allocation letter for OLF files will be issued on same day to the owner if he/ she agrees to make the payment of Rs. 33,000/- as urgent allocation letter fee.

Procedure for collection of Open Land File (OLF) Allocation letter and transfer letter is mentioned here.

Rs. 2500/- will be charged in case, the representative of the buyer appear on his behalf at any sub office or main DHA Gwa office and now the actual buyer wants to sign the remaining transfer formalities in any other sub office/ main DHA Gwa office i.e, other than the actual place of transfer.

Documents for transfer of plot / property once executed by transferor and transferee can be cancelled within 30 days of the execution or so in extremely genuine cases in the presence of both the parties before the Director Transfer & Record after recording the statements of both parties. In case of cancellation of such documents membership / transfer fee already deposited will not be refunded or adjusted for another transfer.

Download application form for Change of Address/ Contact Number from here.

Download application form for Change of Name from here.

Following procedure shall be adopted:
  • To ascertain and know about the amount to be paid the member/ allottee / owner shall make an application in writing personally or through his authorised agent / property dealer to Account Officer.
  • Account Officer will get the print out from the Computer giving all the dues including the transfer fee, if so requested to be paid. This print will be in quaduplicate. Dues will be deposited in the authorized bank.